AirMaks Arms - Caiman cal.22 english version

AirMaks arms - CAIMAN & CAIMAN X

It makes one happy, when he is asked by a new producer: 

“HI, Aleš, do you want to try something new?” 

A few facts - a new Prague’s producer, based in Prague 9 – Haferrest-Praha s.r.o.,

develops 3D prototypes and is presented on the market since 2009 

Quite recently added an air gun production with a designer Maksim Petrov,

Maksim Petrov  has experience working in many air gun companies

as a head designer.

For example Ataman, AGN, etc. ... just to let you know that he is not a no-name designer. 

The plane was to present CAIMAN and CAIMAN X to the customers on the IWA 2020 in Nürnberg ,

but unfortunately the exhibition was canceled as you know .

And because competitors do not sleep, sales are needed.

Thanks you for renting the gun for a test and for the permission to disassemble and look a bit “under the skirt”

I could have chosen between two sizes for the test, CAIMAN ,compact version or the extended version - the CAIMAN  X.

Caiman is one of the biggest lizards - it’s an alligator - and it was interested how does it represent its name 

I have chosen to take the compact version - the total length of little less than 58 cm - I have passion for compact guns BTW,

 when I got CAIMAN to my big hands I wanted to be sure it works - this is perhaps the lightest bullpup in the world.

For the test purposes I mounted the MTC Swat Prismatic Atom 10x30 riflescope on the AirMaks Arms rifle CAIMAN cal.22

When I saw the gun for the first time, I was wondering where had I seen something similar

And I have to concede that I thought - this must has been drawn by the same hands and seen by the same eyes.

So I thought - perhaps it does not have the same vices – IT DOESN´T !!!

The familiarity with Ataman BP17 is only in the shape of the foregrip and it ends there!

Stock - the stock is for now only wooden, even the black looks like plastic, it is just a plastic like spraying and laminate-

Stocks for CAIMAN rifles are not made in Czech Republic - they are made by a Spanish company Cometa 

Beech wood - or also plywood 

Upper is attached to the gun by two pins, lower part is mounted to the system via two bolts  

If I want to disassemble the gun for the reason of changing the side of the lever, it is necessary to dismantle the scope form the picatinny rail,

that is basic, after that push out two pins (they are made from aircraft alluminium alloy) and in the chassis of CAIMAN are held by “O” rings.

If I wanted to just change the side of the lever, it’s enough to take the upper body off - I indeed wanted to see the whole system,

so I had to remove the safety lock pin, that “thing”, which blocks the mechanism, is enough to simply push it out from either one or the other side

The buttstock is made from rubber and its height is adjustable 

On the lower ( on the foregrip)  - is a UIT rail which you can use for example for mounting a rifle bipod - it’s enough to equip it with the

Harris 6 (or 6A) adapter and it makes CAIMAN possible to be equipped with a bipod, torch or gun strap 

After loosening the two bolts on the bottom side of the stock (I recommend taking them out completely and save),

it is possible to take out the whole mechanism of the rifle. 

If I want, I can enjoy perfect view 

And if for some reason I want empty air cylinder, I can.... There is a “special tool” in the package which I can use to let the air out of the cartouche

- it works on the principle of pushing the hammer.

Hammer system is fairly similar to the classic revolver system - In simplicity is beauty I have to say.

The trigger mechanism is built vertical and consumes much less space - I would also like to have such an idea sometimes

All aircraft aluminium alloy parts are made from blocks on CNC machines - steel parts, which are strained by abrasion are hardened

Info in manual is clear – DON NOT MODIFY ANY PARTS….   BUT... I want the lever on the opposite side and don´t want to lose the warranty….

And you know what, you can!! 

There is a step by step guide in the manual - it is a basic costumer adjustment and can be done by anyone, who has the right tools. 

You won’t be able to do so without the hex key of the 2nd size (having a 5th size hex key will be a benefit, but only if you want to take off the lower)

From one side you have to loosen two screws for remove the lever and one which fix the side cover. 

Now you can remove both – lever and cover

I just test it and put it back in the same direction, because I am right handed 

There is a hole in the front of the stock, almost on the foregrip, for filling up the rifle - it can be filled up to 300 bar. 

It’s filled with a quick-fill adapter and a filling hose, which both included in the package.

The package box contains very comfortable and good padding case with logo AirMaks arms     (I really like it),

package with 15 cleaning pellets - a box of JSB Jumbo Heavy 5,5 pellets (recommended ammo), filling device with 2 O-rings extra,

manual and 2 magazines - magazines are all metal !!!

There is a manometer on the opposite side of the filling hole.

What pleased me was the silencer - I want to talk about that more

The silencer here is two-pieces and double-acting.

From one half it’s reflective and from the other it’s on the principle of separation of the air by the funnels

reflective part of the silencer 

Funnel separator 

If I want to make it more silent, I can buy additional pieces (funnels).

Personally, I really like a lot the safety - it is not in the trigger and I, which holds a really big hands and my fingers resemble concrete wires,

I have enough space on the trigger, and when I tested if I could shoot with gloves,

that I can wear tactical gloves from Holík - this was very nice for me and the feeling of shooting was perfect.

And to the rifle’s system 

The pressure container is made from premium aircraft alloy - so even quite short air tank  has a decent volume of 190cm3. 

The gun barrel in the shorter version is 400mm long and is made in Czech Republic - in the video I admit that it’s a product of CZUB.

CAIMAN, which I’ve been using for 4 days now, for today (30th March) I have made around 350 shots. 

Because I have now only 23 meters shooting range, I won’t put any target here - it won’t tell nothing about the gun.

When the COVID-19 madness will be over, I hope, that I will have time to go to the range and catch windless weather for some 50m shooting

The gun is from the manufacturer set on 10 Joules - for the testing I set it on legal 16 Joules

The shooting itself is a pleasant relax - loading the “tiny” magazine isn’t as bad as I assumed it would be.

The spring, which rotates rose magazine with 10 openings is calculated to certainly turn the ammo, but not to damage one 

Every ammo slows the turning of the magazine for one tenth. 

Loading is simple - on the top side of the rotor there are several hollows milled,

which make the manipulation with the “Rotor” (terminus technicus made in Alexxxus) is very nice. 

Pull the lever and insert the magazine into the gun is very intuitive. 

Move the lever back and the CAIMAN is ready to shoot. 

In the video, which is attached, I’m shooting on 65 meters at the ammo catcher 14x14cm (funnel)  where the main opening is 4x4cm 

Even in the wind, which was on the 28th March (yes, it was 18 degrees Celsius), I managed to hit 100 out of 120 rounds into the main opening  

Some technical info: 

Length: 575 mm for CAIMAN compact – 695 mm for the CAIMAN X 

Barrel length: 400mm for CAIMAN - in CAIMAN X it is 520mm 

Caiman is available in.4,5 mm/177, 5,5 mm/.22 and 6,35 mm/.25 caliber. 

Volume of the air tank for the shorter is 190 cc - the CAIMAN X has a 285 cc

Stock is always wooden - beech or laminate

Adjustable buttstock - UIT rail in the foregrip 

Weaver rail for mounting a scope 



review made on 30th March 2020